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Recent Topics of Interest

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global dream (Winter, 2017)

Trump Transition (Fall, 2016)

R-word (Fall, 2016)

The Fourth Element (Spring, 2015)

No parachute for the dollar bubble (Fall, 2014)

Ride a Bubble? Take a parachute (Winter, 2014)

Housing - Liftoff? (Summer, 2013)

The Fed Endgame (Winter, 2013)

Economic Spring or Election Year Speed? (Winter, 2012)

The House Price Hockey Stick (Winter, 2011)

CRE At The Corner Of Wall And Main Streets (Fall, 2010)

Methodology Or Madness? (Summer, 2010)

The Decade of the Living Dead (Summer, 2010)

The Shadow (Summer, 2010)

How sustainable is "Sustainable"? (Spring, 2010)

Wall Street v. Vegas (Spring, 2010)

Make An Impact (Spring, 2010)

A trillion here, a trillion there... (Fall, 2009)

If all you have is lemmings... (Fall, 2009)

A Landmark Case (Fall, 2009)

The Case Shiller Problem (Summer, 2009)

The Housing Train Wreck (Summer, 2009)

CRE On The Back Of A Napkin (Spring, 2009)

Appraisal Errors and the Meltdown (Spring, 2009)

Do You Think You've Hit Bottom? (Spring, 2009)

Regulatory Reform and AMCs (Spring, 2009)

Fannie and Freddie sat on a wall (Fall 2008)

Chicken and egg (Fall 2008)

Disaster, damages and psychology (Spring 2008)

If you like subprime...(Summer, 2007)

What's it all worth? (Summer, 2007)

Subprime and the S&Ls (Summer, 2007)

The Symbol of San Francisco...(Summer, 2007)

The Big Easy (Summer, 2007)

The Seven Percent Solution (Summer, 2007)

A modest proposal (Fall, 2006)

So far, so good (Fall, 2006)

Katrina's big splash (Fall, 2005)

Housing crash (Fall, 2005)?

Tale of two markets (Winter, 2005)

Denouement (Summer, 2004)

Herd (Spring, 2002)

Declaration (Spring, 2002)

Turkiye (Spring, 2002)

After (Summer, 2001)

Daubert (Summer, 2001)

Algorithm - Wayne Lusvardi (Spring, 2001)

Conversely - Charles Warren (Spring, 2001)

The Externality Principle - Lusvardi & Warren (Spring, 2001)

Three Rules for Damage Valuation - Lusvardi & Warren (Spring, 2001)

Is It Market Value? - Wayne Lusvardi (Spring, 2001)

The Dose Makes the Poison - Wayne Lusvardi(Spring, 2000)

Ground truth (Fall, 1999)
How do you find a cheat? (Fall, 1999)
what's next (Spring, 1999)
On the edge (Fall, 1997)
Rent control (Fall, 1997)
Wetlands (Fall, 1997)
Months to Meltdown - Dr. W.F. Smith (Fall, 1997)
Utility and deregulation (Summer, 1997)
AVMs (1997)
Is retail nowhere?
Toward environmental valuation (1998)
You're the top (1998)

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